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Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors (KAPC) is a registered Non-governmental organization. It was registered in 1990 and has 3 major functions: 

  • Membership association
  • Counselling services
  • Academic training courses. 

Membership Association

KAPC invites people with an active interest in counselling to join. Members benefit from a range of activities and services. 

Counselling Services

KAPC provides professional counselling services to private individuals, businesses, and international organizations. The services include individual, couple and group counselling. 

Professional Training Courses

A range of professional academic counselling courses is offered; progressing from Certificate to Diploma, Higher Diploma, MA and PhD. Short term courses are also available covering specific topics of interest.

Vision & Mission 

Our vision 

To be the leading organisation in professional counselling and adolescent behaviour change through the provision of training, information, research and membership activities in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our mission 

To promote opportunities for change and empower and support individuals during the process of change



KAPC started in 1990. It grew out of a sponsored counsellor training programme and was formed because a specific need of providing professional support for counsellors was identified.

KAPC responded to the demand for all kinds of counselling services. We grew exponentially and now provide the full range of services to promote professional counselling.

Many of our first activities were research projects that focused upon providing counselling services and training. We also concentrated upon young people and their particular needs.

We began with a certificate course and this was so successful that people requested a diploma course. This has led to the development of a full range of courses that begins with certificate and graduates through diploma, higher diploma, Master’s Degree to the PhD programme. We design and regulate all of the courses with the exception of the PhD. The Master’s Degree is validated by Manchester University in the UK. It has been going on since 1999 and hundreds of students have graduated. The PhD programme is taught by Manchester University staff who come to Nairobi.


KAPC is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation. It is governed in accordance with its constitution. The most powerful component in the constitution in the assembly of members and this normally meets once a year when the annual general meeting is held.


The annual general meeting elects the board that have a more direct impact upon the way in which KAPC runs. It helps to define policy and influences the formation of annual workplans.


The more routine administration is controlled through the Executive Director’s Committee which attends to the day to day issues that arise.

Contact Us

Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors
P.O. Box 55472 -00200 Nairobi
Tel: 254(20)- 3741051, 3741056,  3741123.
Mobile 0721296912, 0733761242
Location: Parklands 2nd Avenue, off Limuru Road.

Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors
P.O Box 41356, Mombasa 80100
Tel. : +254 41 2493050 Tel/Fax : +254 41 2493373
Mobile : 0725797888, 0735992036
Location: Kenyatta Avenue, Narok Rd, Opposite Khoja Flats,Mombasa Real estate building next to Bibla Fruit Parlor.

Door no 2.

Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors
P.O. Box 2973 Kisumu
Mobile: 0727232452.
Location: Mamboleo Junction, Off Kakamega Road, opposite Farm Engineering Industries ltd.

KAPC Eldoret  Office
Rehema Complex- 4th Floor, Ronald Ngala street
Tel: 053-2030682
Mobile: 0715782302, 0734709332

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Contact Us

Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors,

Parklands 2nd Avenue, off Limuru Road,
P.O. Box 55472 -00200 Nairobi,
Tel: 254(20)-3741051, 254(20)-3741056
Mobile 254-721296912, 254-733761242
Telefax: 254(20)-3741123.