KAPC Manchester University Collaboration

We regret to inform all our students and prospective students that the KAPC’s collaboration with the University of Manchester for the validated BA and MA in Counselling Studies courses came to an end on 2114,2014 marked the final intake into the University of Manchester validated MA and BA Counselling Studies programmes delivered by KAPC.

The changes are inevitable and have been necessitated by the July 2014 Commission for University Education‘s (CUE) new Act. The new CUE Act now outlaws any further collaboration in Masters Degree programmes between Foreign Universities and Kenyan Tertiary Colleges. The Act also imposes new conditions and procedures for collaboration in BA programmes. A copy of this CUE Act can be found on their website as well as in KAPC library.

 The University of Manchester will continue to honour its commitments both to KAPC and current MA and BA students through to completion of their programmes and both KAPC and the University of Manchester will work together to ensure the ongoing quality of the educational experience of all current MA and BA students.

 As a consequence of these changes, the current MA and BA students are therefore the last cohorts and KAPC will no longer recruit or admit any more BA or MA students on the University of Manchester validated programmes at KAPC

We are happy to add that KAPC has had a very cordial and fruitful partnership with the University of Manchester since 2005 and the impact of this great collaboration in Kenya and other countries will be felt far and wide.

Please feel free to visit us anytime during working hours for further clarification.