Higher Diploma in Counselling Studies

Higher Diploma in Counselling Studies

Higher Diploma in Counselling Studies


The course is designed for those who wish to gain a practical, professional and academic qualification in counselling. Participants develop an extensive knowledge of psychology and its application to counselling. They also become experienced in the practical skills of counselling and how to achieve therapeutic outcomes for clients. The use of the internet is an integral part of the course and participants will be provided with their own web space.


The course takes one year and is part-time with five modules:

·Personal Development and Self awareness

·Psychological theories of counselling

·Counselling in Context

·Practice and process of counselling

·Research Methodology

Psychological theories of counselling will equip the participants with a critical awareness of counselling and its practical applications. Participants are expected to explore the theoretical aspects of counselling and to develop an eclectic approach, which will become the foundation for their personal practice. Research is explored through quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Participants identify an appropriate topic that they are interested in to investigate. Then they design and operationalise a research methodology, discussing their findings and arriving at conclusions.



Learning is participatory and experiential. Course members are encouraged to actively contribute to the learning environment. The academic content is delivered through lectures, seminars and tutorials. The practical training is based upon counselling skills gained from role-plays and monitored by video and audio recordings. Research is pursued through an exploration of counselling studies examining their methodologies and conclusions. Each participant is appointed to a personal tutor who supervises their work.


Participants are assessed during the course by the submission of 4 written assignments. At the end of the course participants are required to submit a video recording and a research dissertation. The video recording provides evidence of the participant’s ability to create a therapeutic relationship with a client. A written commentary analyzing the skills and relating them to the theories and therapeutic outcomes of counselling accompanies the recording. The research dissertation explains how the research was chosen, how it was conducted and what results were obtained.

There are also a number of non-examinable components that participants are expected to satisfy.



Minimum KCSE C- or higher

  • Diploma in Counselling or a relevant field
  • Counselling work experience is an added advantage