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 Our library is adequately stocked with relevant literature that touches on all the fields of counselling. 

The library has a stock of over 3000 copies.The borrowing is only restricted to KAPC students undertaking Diploma, Higher diploma, B.A and M.A.In Counselling Studies.

For the visually impaired we have brail manuals.
The library is also stocked with over 1000 relevant counseling and psychology journals. Users are allowed to photocopy an article only from the journals and handouts but not in any book.

Currently the library subscribes to the following journals

 The library has a growing stock of CD-ROM's that cover the subjects of HIV/AIDS and condoms. Videotapes are stocked on aspects of counseling and can be viewed in our well-stocked video room. There are also audiotapes on counseling that can be listened to. The library has also good stock of videos and CD'S on International world AIDS Conferences  and other relevant literature.




The library remains closed on all Sundays and public holidays.
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Download book_list